Tube Pre amp for my Dynaudio C4

Building a system around my Dynaudio C4s..My budget is around 5 grand in the used market..I have no means to audition due to location.I listen to all types of music except rap/hiphop...thanks
I have the Dynaudio S5.4's and have fantastic results with My Cary 120s and Cary SLP05 preamp...The preamp sells for around 4k here on A'gon.
Depending on what brand Amp you have its a good rule of thumb to stay within brands to achieve a good senergy match.
From chatting with Cary Techs they have a set of C4's setup with their product and use Kimber wire thruout...
I have had nice results using OCOS speaker wire(triple runs)which Dynaudio recommends and Audience IC's (Conductor series XLR).
Hi, I heard the C-4's with Audio Research stuff and it sounded awesome.