Tube Pre-Amp for Class D amps

I have a old AR LS-8 that i pair with channel island d-200's I like the sound but want to upgrade pre-amp with newer and one that has remote volume.

Would like to stay under 4500. (new or used) and still want tubes.

Thoughts? thx much in advance
I am using a Modwright tubed pre-amp with Wyred4sound class D amps (and before that Bel Canto class D amps) and think they complement each other very well.
Doge 8, I had it paired with D 500 mk2's, very nice.
I have a Cary SLP03 paired with my Spectron amp. Very enjoyable and lots of flexibility.
Audio Horizons TP series linestage.Company offers frre home trial providing you have sufficient positive feedback.
You won't be disappointed.
Check out BAT(Balanced Audio Technology).
TRL Dude with NuForce Ref 9, awesome sound.
Be mindful of potential impedance mismatches. Many tube pres have a high output impedance and many Class D amps have a low input impedance.
Also many class A, A/AB solid state amps have low input impedance and potential impedance mismatch.
I suggest to check Joule-Electra LA-150. Its within your budget, extraordinary musical and has variable output impedance so you can match it with solid state amplifiers having either high or low input impedance.

I use it with my Spectron and its match made in heaven !!!
Like Tgrisham I used a Modwright 36.5 pre with Wyred mono amps. Was wonderful but too many boxes for my apartment.
Marakentz, it appears that both of us didn't read the OP opening very well. Yes, what you state is true, but not relevant to the OP needs. I failed to notice that he goes on to mention the specific Class D amp he'll be using; the Channel Islands D-200's, which I believe has an input impedance of 100 KOhms. He should have many options available.
thanks all so much to date, this is good stuff and many pre's i've heard of