tube pre amp for cary six pac tube amps

looking for late evening warmth. female vocals, mellow strings from the likes of mark knopfler, cowboy junkies, bonnie rait, eva cassady and the like. cary slp is a natural fit but any other quality tube pre recommendations would be appreciated, budget: +/- $1,500 (used, older but well regarded is therefore my domain). thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, including tube recommendations.
You just missed the cream-puff Conrad Johnson PV-11 that I sold. If you can find one, or similar C-J all-tube preamps, you should get what you want within your price range. Note that models were made with and without a very good MM phono stage.
Get the SLP98.
I am using a First Sound Presence Deluxe MkII with good results.
Forgot to mention I also switched to SED el34 tubes in the SicPacs. Better control of the highs with these tubes compared to the stock Ruby's.
The SLP-98 is right on the money. If you want to try something a bit less warm, the AE-3 DJH is a nice little pre-amp (that's what I used when I had the Sixpacs).