Tube pre amp comparison ARC to VTL

I have a VTL 2.5 pre amp which is a very nice sounding pre, and rather a bargain at its price point. In an attempt to upgrade, I bought an ARC LS25MKII. The ARC is a "better" all around pre amp than the VTL. Should be as it cost much more. The ARC sound bigger, deeper, wider, a little further back. And perhaps quicker and tighter. All these by just a small bit. However the VTL has a very nice "Lushness", a "liquid" midrange that I find most appealing where as the ARC is a bit "dry" or sterile. If I were to move up the ARC line (ie LS26 or up) would I get closer to a blend of both sounds or will I be going in the wrong direction? Other gear is ARC CD3 MKII, ARC VT100MKII, Cardas and Transparent Cables,
Thank you
I did just buy a set 6H30 DR tubes, waiting for them to get some hours before making final judgment. But initially they seemed to warm it up just a bit. And yes, speakers are the final quest. However I want to get my front end gear right first. Mind you I don't dislike the LS25, I am just looking for everything it does plus the "liquid" midrange of the VTL.

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If you are looking for the tube sound(warm,lush)you're not going to get it with the LS-25mkII. The LS-25mkII is more of a hybrid than a true tube preamp and will never sound warm and lush. It will however do all of the other things that you've mentioned(bigger, deeper, wider etc.) The 6h30DR's will only make it do it better, more dynamic as well but will not change the sound to warmer in the sense that you seek. I have the LS-25mkII and I'm happy with it as I like the ARC sound. It has never sounded dry and sterile to me. I've heard that analogy before from others but my question always was dry and sterile compared to what?
Again, if you are comparing it to a true tube preamp, then yes it is going to sound different but I don't know if I would characterize that difference as dry and sterile.
Finally, I would think that you would be getting a very good sound with the setup you have as ARC preamps mate very well with ARC amps particularly the VT-100mkII which was rated very good tube amp.
Just my two cents worth.