Tube Pre

Looking for recommendations for a full function tube preamp that will work well with solid state amps. Phono stage must be SOTA. Thanks.
i have beem looking for the same thing. And i think i'm going with the BAT VK - 51SE. because it will fit into the system that i have now pretty well plus my system is runing in Balance mode. just have to save up a little longer.

I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but the 51SE does not have a phono option. The 31SE does have a phono option.
Consider the Supratek Syrah. I have mine paired up with a SMCAudio/MacCormack DNA 0.5 Platinum and am quite pleased with the results. There are a lot of threads about this pre here (see "best preamps under 10K" for example).

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What's your budget? What is the rest of your system, etc etc.???
My system is Roksan TMS2, Artemiz, XV1-S, Dynavector L300/P300, 2 x Dynavector HX1.2 MkII amps biamping Neat Ultimatum MF9. I have an EAR 864 on loan and I'm really enthused by the sound I'm getting with the Dynavector amps. Budget is whatever it takes to get what I want (within reason, of course!).
The Cary 98L would be my first choice.
"Phono stage must be SOTA" - If you are particular about your phono stage it might be pretty tuff to find exactly the sound you want as a built in.
If you're willing to wait 6-9 months it doesn't get any better than the Supratek Grange. Good luck!