Tube power for B&W PM1

I had the opportunity to listen to the new PM1's last week and was very impressed. Great imaging and separation. Strong and tight bass that you would expect from a speaker three times the size. Was very accurate but I did not feel it would be fatiguing. I really liked what I was hearing.

I was considering putting them on my wish list and maybe going for a pair in a year or so.

Then I saw the sensitivity was only 84dB spl.

My Rogue Cronus Magnum is a hefty 90 WPC, but would it (or most tube integrateds) be powerful enough for these little guys?

They were being powered by a McIntosh 2102 at 100 WPC and sounded very strong at moderately high volume.
I bought them....I've had Wilsons, Magnepans etc, but these things are so damn lovely:O) 90 watts tube power is definately adequate.