Tube Power Amps

Hello Friend's
I have someone, that want's to sell his "Audio Experience YSA 100 S", Tube mono blocks, rated at 95pwc, push pull with T88 output tubes, he contacted me after he seen my "wanted to buy" , which I said I want a tube amp with "ball's in the bass", I wanted a "Cayin T 88", with after reading a few reviews, has what I need, but he email me to consider the "audio experence" mono blocks, which he claims has bass with balls, but it is not all that, I like sweet highs at the same time, he has invited me to his home to listen, but am four hours drive!!
My friends, has any one, heard these??, I would like some ideas, as searching on the wen has one hit, and thats the maker!!
Many Thanks
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