Tube Power Amp Recommendations around $2000

I recently ordered a pair of the new Zu Souls and am looking for recommendations for a tube power amplifier around $2000. I'm not wed to either new or used. In my digging on the 'gon in the past week, I have found and am curious about:

-Tube Audio Labs (probably the 300B)
-Jeff Korneff 45 based power amp
-Dynaco ST 70 (there is a local guy that restores them)
-Miniwatt N3 (I'd be curious to know if folks think this one stacks up against the others)
-Synthesis (mostly because there is a local dealer)
-Audion (hard to get a response from their distributor in the US)
-DIY Tube Audio

Any thoughts on these or any other suggestions?

Add the Almarro to the list. A friend owns a highend shop and is working on bringing them in after a customer loaned her the 4.5 wpc integrated. She had heart palpations.
Audio Mirror has powerful triode SET monos with awesome midrange, tight deep bass, and sweet highs. And replacement tubes are not expensive. The 20 watt version should be plenty for your speakers. Email Vlad to discuss your needs and budget. Do not be discouraged by the MSRP - he often sells them new here for much less.
I second the Atma-sphere S30 recommendation, Class A, Triode, and no transformers, hard to beat for tube amplification, and the Zus should thrive with OTLs (though it might be a bit above you $$$ used). I also second the Almarros. If 4 watts is enough you should also consider the Music Reference EM7s.
There is an audio note kit one for sale now with lots of upgrades that looks pretty interesting.
third suggestion for atma-sphere S-30... amazing amps and a wonderful company to deal with (Ralph is awesome).
An Atma-Sphere S-30 on a $2000 budget? Last couple of Mk3 versions (one stock, one with 3 of the 4 upgrades available) that came up used were $2800+. Not sure settling for anything less than a Mk3 or Mk3.1 version would be worth it. Agreed its a fine amp and customer support is exceptional, but the OP would need to stretch his budget and wait for one to show up used.

Music Reference RM-10 is a good bet and well under budget used these days.
The RM10 would be a real powerhouse with these speakers, and a great amp it is, but the EM7 may be even more suitable if OP is seeking that "triode" sound and with those sensitive speakers a viable option. Anything my Music Reference is execeptionally good IMHO.
I own Druids, and I've owned both the Almarro A205A and the Music Reference EM7. While both sounded great at low volumes, both ran out of steam when I turned it up.

In my experience, the efficiency of the Zu speakers is a little misleading. While 101 (or even 97) dB would indicate low power compatibility, I've found that those big ole' FRDs need some juice to really get them moving. I'm using an AudioSector Patek right now, but have been itching to try a tube amp with more power.

Lots of people love and use the Atma-Sphere S30 with Zu, but Ralph himself has stated he likes them better with the M60s, clearly out of the OP's price range. I really want to try the Music Reference RM-10, as I loved Roger's EM7 for pure sweetness.

Another intriguing option is the Quicksilver Horn Monos, specifically designed for high efficiency speakers. They're within the price range new, although rarely seen used.

Good luck with the Souls! If I didn't already own Druids + Mini Method, I'd be all over a pair of Superflys.

If the S30 is not enough power, then the RM10 would be my top recommendation $1,950 new, 1-1.2k used _ I have one and it is one of my favourite amps ever, if 35 watts is enough power - with the Zu it should alot of power (they are plenty with my 89db Merlin VSMs in my 12x18 room. The Horn Monos also sounds like a really good option, all QS I Have owned were very good amps.
Try ARC VT 130. An unsung hero and one of the "special" ones for those in the know. I had one for well over a decade before moving on to it bigger brother the VT 150s. Not sure it was a wise move on my part to go there..the VT 130 was that good. Fantastic mid range and surprising bass.
The ARC VT130 is a very good amp, but with the Zu I don't know why you would ever get an with that much power or that many tubes - a veyr good amp for tough loads and insensitive speakers - the Zu does not need a "monster" power amp.
Having previously owned a set of Druids, I do think that the choice of amplification is pretty critical. Right now, I'm running a PrimaLuna Prologue 3 and Wyred4Sound monoblocks that I will likely keep. When I had the Druids the Prologue 3 + 5 power amp combination felt like too much (in one sense at least)--the Prologue 5 putting out about 35 watts/channel. I think it felt like too much volume and not enough character, for lack of a better way to put it.

I'm a little torn. I like 'umph' but I also like a little finesse. I'm concerned that the gain on the Prologue 3 (which does not necessarily seem high) might have added to the dynamic. Since I'm going to keep the SS monoblocks ('umph'), my gut is to err on the side of finesse.

I have talked to the Zu guys this time around again, and am always struck by how much they really seem to groove on the synergy with the 300B, 2A3, and 45 tubes. That is more or less why I have mostly those amps in my shortlist.

I have thought a bit about going the integrated route--something along the lines of the Almarro. There are, of course, different dynamics at play if I have one set up that runs through the pre and another that does not, that is why my original thinking was the tube power amp route.
My suggestion would be to try a pair of Quicksilver Mini-Mites and save $1000 for other toys. Actually more - I have seen them selling new for under $900.
I would recommend the VTL ST-150 that is on Agon right now. A little beyond your price range, but not much.

Why 150 watts for a 97db speaker? This speaker seems to be able to take advantage of simpler, lower watt circuits, why complicated with high power circuits and additional tubes. Not questioning the VTL150 as an amp (Like the ARC VT130 mentioned before), but as an amp for this speaker.
Primaluna Prologue-6 $1400.00 right here. Check the web for the reviews on this one.
The version III of the Atma-sphere S-30 amp is less than $2K used according to the Agon bluebook. More than enough amp for any 92+ dB speaker unless playing outdoors.
The new shortlist:

PrimaLuna Prologue 5 (I already have the 3 pre)
Triode A300 SE
Melody I2A3 (a little over my budget)
Tube Audio Lab 300B
Almarro 318A

Any Zu owners running any of these? Any other thoughts?

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I would suggest the Melody i2a3, Astro Black 22 or their Melody 300B, Astro 8. The Astro Black 22 should have more than enough spunk with 2a3s running in Push-Pull. Their 300B, Austro 8 at 8 Watts is also interesting. Perhpas the Audion line as well. The Audion Sterling is a good amp that is less expenseive and EL 34 or 84 based (I forget) or their Silver Night 300B. Of the two the Astro Black 22 will have more reserves with perhaps a hair less warmth. 2A3s also have highs and lows that are better than the 300B and are cheaper. Another choice would be to go for the Minitorii of Decware. This unit allows you to roll tubes but has only 4 watts but is very clean. They also have a 6 Watt integrated that is good and coming out new in March. Their top of the line is a 25 Watt Push pull unit. Personally, I prefer the transparency of SET vs SEP amps. For ridiculously cheap Chinese amps you should look at Yarland. The 845 they have would probably come in at around 2000$. These are the ones I will be looking at myself in the future. Right now I am on the piggy bank plan