Tube phono stage with gain control via remote?

I'm trying to eliminate a preamp from the chain.

Anyone know of a $1-2k phono stage that has a gain control via a remote?

If things work out, this unit will be replaced with a Steelhead or Rhea.

Not 100% sure I follow here, but the Rhea ($4500ish new), which meets your needs, turns up used from time to time at +/- $2500. It seems like it might be wise to skip an interim purchase (if that's what you've described in your post) and just wait it out 'til you can swing a used Rhea (or similar).
You're probably right that waiting for a used Rhea would be better than doing an interim phono pre.

My question is also intended to hear if others know of another phono pre that fits the bill. But your investment strategy is welcome...