Tube phono stage vs Solid state phono stage.

I am looking at getting a phono stage for my
older technics turntable. I have a ortofon mm cartridge
on it at this time. I am running totem forest with a plinius
100 mk III along with a cary tube preamp. Does it really matter if I go with a tubed phono stage vs a solid state phono stage. Would like to spend less then 1K
Suggestions greatly appreciated.
There are some really good used phono pres in the >$1k range and it really comes down to needed gain & personal preference.

I owned the Graham Slee Era Gold mkV ($999 new, ~$550 used) and it was excellent. It's good with carts between 2mV - 9mV output. I compared it with the another over-performer in that price range, the tubed EAR 834P, which is also excellent - especially with a few simple upgrades. It really was a toss up between the two, both were great.

You really cannot go wrong with either of those two.
I second the GSP Era Gold V. I plan on adding the Elevator for low output MC cartridges.
Third the GSP.

Going for around $500 on the used market.

Major bargain at that price.
Thanks for your input. I will start with finding out what my
the output for my cart. is and will look into the GSP.
Will or can a phono stage colour the sound of a system?
Is it all about gain?