tube phono stage upgrade

Looking to upgrade my Project SE II Tube box as I think this is the week link in the chain. Currently using;
1-Wright AU-1000 preamp
2-2a3 Power Amp
3-Thorens TD-124 TT
4-Klipsch Heresy HBR

Any suggestions in the 1000-1500 dollar range used?
Cornet II with upgrades one on here now
If you can find one, IMO the Herron VTPH-1 will smoke anything else in that price range new or used.
Agree that the Coronet recently posted is a Best Bet.
Are you looking for a tube or SS phono stage? I ask only because if your preamp is a little noisy you might want to consider a DC-based SS unit like one of the Sutherland units or the Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk.

Otherwise, a George Wright WPP100c or better yet the 200 will match your preamp sound signature very well. Obviously, this is will be a used gear purchase.

Also, MM or MC? Are you planing to use an SUT for MC in the future?
I have a Wright AU-1000. I lived close to George Wright and got to hear most of his product line. I tried his other phono pre-amps and the AU-1000 is much quieter. In spite of the fact this is a MM pre-amp I used it to drive a Denon 103R which is a notoriously low output MC cartridge.If you live in the Northwest feel free to try this in your system.
Thanks Bachtovinyl. I am a little confused as you state that the AU-1000 is a phono amp. Mine is not, it is a preamp with no phono input. That is why I have the Project phono amp. I am still leaning toward a tube based phono amp which would have options in mm and mc.
Fromunda: My apology! I typed in AU when I should have typed AG-1000 which is the phono-pre-amp. My offer still stands. Rob.
What is your offer exactly? Im in SF Bay Area(Home of the World Champion Giants!!)