Tube Phono Stage to replace hybrid onboard

As much as many will hate to see yet another “what is the best XX component”, here goes one of sorts. I have a hybrid preamp (Kora Eclipse) and I am quite satisfied with the line level performance with it between my digital front end (Sony XA-777ES) and my amplifier (McCormack DNA-225). However, I am beginning to research a stand-alone tube phono stage to use in place of the MM and MC stages onboard the Eclipse.

I am using a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm TT with Shelter 501MkII (.4 mV) cartridge for my analog front end. The McCormack has an input impedance of 100 kOhms and input sensitivity of 1.25 volt rms. I am not, at this time, looking to go with tuned amplification, but may do so in the future. I would prefer to find a phono stage that can be run either directly to the amplifier or through the Eclipse. Remote capabilities would be a definite plus to me, but not absolutely essential. Since price is always an issue, I would like to stay with a budget of, say, $1,000-1,200 USED for this purchase.

ooops, of course I meant tubed, not tuned, amplification.
The EAR phono stage, tweaked, was recommended to me when I was in a similar situation, and the ARC PH-3. For some reason, I ended up with the Linn Linto and have been very pleased. Absolutely no noise and loads of gain for MC cartridges.
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