Tube phono stage

Can you help me to choose the best tube phono stage for my new system. I have:
VPI Scoutmaster+Dynavector 10x5,Dynavector p-75
Cary Sli-80
ProAc D15
I like jazz and hard rock music.
I will be glad to your suggestions.
Best regards.
I am using a Hagerman Cornet which is a kit, but I bought mine
used built and upgraded by a dude over at Audiocircle.

Very nice and I also use a Dyna 10X5 FWIW. (You can see my system in my sig)
My vinyl tastes are jazz, reggae, and some older rock.
Handles all of them fine.

I guess the Hagerman Trumpet is awesome.
Check out the Hagerman forum on Audiocircle, and their website.

You also might get more responses on this on the Analog forum here on Agon.
Good luck!
K&K Audio!!!!
Nothing close for the money.
You will love it.
I am sure others will chime in with agreement and elaboration.
I'll assume for the moment you want tube phono sections at reasonable prices. The K&K is a candidate. It's quite good though a little soft. Beautiful tone though. Don't forget to consider the Wright WPP200C. It plays with the big boys at under a Grand, is loaded with tone, and is absent any bloat or slop. The Wright is an objective tube unit, with serious clarity. If you are not absolutely set on a tube phono stage, scour the planet for a used Bel Canto Phono 1. All the tone and aural dimensioning of a tube unit, but less noise and it's a cinch to find room for.

Since you have glass amp I'd go solid state.But given you have VPI I'd also consider model that allowed for quick change of load and gain (as opposed to popping the top).That way you could get another cart fopr mono and maybe even a cheapy for acratched LP's.Sesthetix Rhea ($4K new $2400-2800 used) has it in spades (but is tube and I heara tad noisy-not enopugh to not look into it-fab reviews).Me I am on tight budget so after thinking of geting an EAR 834 tube unit (where I could upgrade and tube roll to 50's era tubeplus have an EAR EL34 intgerated-my bestfreidn but your amp.)But instead I am interested fro tech and budget(*tight) reason in PS Audio's new unit.RCA in/out's but also XLR nice if you ever want long run to and amp direct which you can do because it has it's "gain cell" etchnology (a secret block that is used in just about all their products including cool digital integrated which allows you to defeat either line or amp stage so you don't have to throw baby out with bath water- if you want to use something else later -all integrateds should have that.Is geting great reviews.).But PS GCPH is only $1K and as I said has reahable knobs on back and front volume,phase(nice) and mono.Plus Undrwoodwally has whole upgradce path from quick doides,wrring,new caps etc so might make it reach sonics of more expensive jobies.Check out guy mentioning a lot of phono's in post about three or so after yourts.Mention big list and weaknesses (beter to know than strengths I say) and what we think.But you need to think of narowing criteria like price,new,used,features, etc.If my criteria doesen't match your PS maybe now a good choice.But am very impressed with reviews so far and jammed packed for one grand.Nice to experiment and flip switch to change -phase (something I have found on limited number of pre's like Sonic Frontiers.old Krell,BAT,Bryston etc.If buying new tallk ot Bes at Music Direct (best catalogue sales) and mention his old pal in Hifi buisness (I sold good stuff like McIntosh,Krell,CJ etc) Chazz from Mass and see what he say's as thier head techno guy especially with anlogue and sells a hell of a lot stuff mentioned hear on Audiogon forum from cheap ltle Hagerman tubes,solid ste Lehmann Black Cube and I think Accoustech PH-1.the Rhea fro Aestetix, and if he does not sell it like maybe Pass ONO he'll give you the straight dope.But for us narrow criteria if you can.
I don't know your budget so here is a variety to consider:

Hagerman Coronet
Hagerman Trumpet (one on Audiogon right now with NOS tunes for $1250 - great price)
Mitch Singerman modified EAR 834
K&K Audio (might have been my choice if I didn't get a great deal on a Hagerman Trumpet)

These are all tube designs which I feel is the better option than solid state. Of course your system and budget may dictate otherwise. I'm sure you'll find many excellent suggestions here and you may also want to do a search of the Analog forum as this question has been posed many times previously with a lot of interesting information being discussed.
Thank you for reply.I have 2 options only: Cary ph302 and EAR 834. But I can't try it with my system. Have you compared these two phono stages?