Tube phono pre amp or Tube preamp + SS phono

My current chain is
VPI classic + Ortofon MC quintet black -> Goldnote (PH10+PSU10) phono -> Eddie Current Studio Jr -> Focal Utopia and Hifiman HE1k. I am very happy with the chain. But want to add a little more warmth to the sound. I do not want to change the Amp or the headphones.
I am wondering if it makes more sense to have a Tube phono preamp or keep the Phono SS and have a Tube preamp?
One thing I am very sensitive to is the noise floor of the phono stage. Even my Goldnote had some some noise floor that drove me crazy and I spent a lot of time correcting it.
I am not looking for higly analytical sound but very good resolution + some tube warmth.
I absolutely love my McIntosh Tube Tuner/Preamp, mx110z, it has 2 MM phono inputs that sound terrific, and you could use your existing phono stage thru any input. I use SUT for MC to keep using the mx110z's phono stage.

They have gotten more expensive this past year.

I just saw this one on eBay (it is the z version). Nice, text all clear on faceplate. Minor imperfections to black paint on rear surface of tuner glass, fairly common, and can be repaired if you really care. I broke my glass, had glass made locally (2 holes) and painted it with flat black paint as per original. Someone sells replacement glass online, McIntosh does not have any.

Mine is dead quiet, I forget and leave it on frequently. If this one is not: 30 day returns, you only risk return shipping cost.

this helped me decide to buy it.
I would go the route of SS phonostage with tube preamplifier.  More likely to avoid noise issues given the high gain within phonostages. One source for a tube pre is Aric Audio. 
Yeah, what @mesch said! SS phono will be better for dodging RFI/EMI when handling the tiny signal. Tube pre can also offer benefits to digital sources now & later. 
I  previously lived near a radio tower, and tried about 6 tube phono stages before I conquered it with ss. Can't even count the hours wasted troubleshooting w/ makers and dealers trying to get the tube phono stages quiet enough. 
Currently, I  use a Nagra BPS and a BAT tube pre. I like it, but I do sometimes wonder if new location opens the door for revisiting the tube phono route. I  always wanted to try the Herron #2 that so many rave about. Cheers,
Thanks @sbank , @elliottbnewcombjr and @mesch for the inputs. I think I'll go with SS phono.