Tube Phono kits

Just wanted to hear from inmates on which TUBE PHONO KITS they would recommend. AES PH-1 (Cary Audio), $500-600 Cornet 2 (Hagerman Tech.),$500-700 Tercel (BlueBerry), or $1200-1500 K & K audio?

Hoping someone in this Audio community has done some comparison in one way or the other. I currently have the AES Ph-1 which I built 4 yrs ago. Quite happy with it but
I need more gain! Yes...Gain. This puppy is rated at 36 dB gain while the majority of what I research are in the 40+ dBs. (Buying another cartridge with higher output is not a route for me to take at this point. I'm using a Grado prestige gold with my Linny.

I've heard good reviews of the Cornet2 however, would this be an upgrade from my existing AES PH-1 (with regards to S/N & sonics?)

Would love to hear from experiences here at Agon.

Thanks in advance. Price is no object as long as they are TUBE based KITS... Not interested in used name-brand units.
I love to build my own..

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Thanks guys for your feedbacks.
Would really like to hear from AES Ph1 owners (or previous owners) who have upgraded to any of the aforementioned Tube phono stages.

Don't get me wrong, the AES PH-1 is NOT a bad preamp.
I just need more gain and looking to better it with existing tube phono kits out there.($500-$1500 range).
Hopefully there's somebody out there who has taken this route.

I've read a lot of reviews on the mentioned phono stages (Cornet2, K&K, Tercel, Seduction,& Wp200C) but none on direct comparisons yet w/ the Audio electronic Supply Ph-1 by Cary Audio.
Not being difficult here just clarifying.
Got similar results from Audio Asylum post.