Tube Phono?

Is there such a thing as a tube phono without any hizz or noise level without costing thousands?

Since my Integrated Amp is Jolida 1000RC I figured that I would stick with a tube phono just to keep the proper flow of things. I just recently purchase a Bellari VP129 not the best tube phono but it's a start.
My Bottlehead Seduction is VERY quiet and WONDEREFUL sounding!
You answered your own question, you already own a Jolida.. The JD-9a which is their standalone is DEAD silent. I don't even know its on like a CD player its nutty, I have the newest version however so basically they have made some small changes over the years, so I can't guarantee anything about the previous years used models. It does have op amps for the input, then Tube outs. It will handle the lowest output carts on the planet as well with plenty of loading options.. Its under 500 brand new.
You might try some Walker's SST silver electrical contact enhancer, or similar product, on the tube pins. I used it on my Rogue and McIntosh phono sections and it made them dead quiet. So, it might help the Bellari as well. If not, at least you'll have plenty to use on all other electrical contacts bringing a noticeable overall improvement to your system.
I will second the Bottlehead Seduction....No Noise even with a Grado Gold on it!
I just got a Jolids JD-9a phono preamp and I agree with Undertow that it is amazingly quiet.
MiniMax phono pre is totally silent if properly isolated.