tube or ss preamp + amp for Dynaudio Contour 1.3?

I´m going to upgrade my actual system, and I´ll get two Dynaudio contour 1.3 MKII or maybe 1.3 SE. I have thought about two different options to drive them:
- Densen beat B200 + B300
- AVA transcendence 5 tube preamp + Odyssey stratos amp.
My CD is an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 (tube).
I like warm and soft sound, no metallic, analytical or bright and tiring top end, and deep and tight bass, etc.
To my ears, Densen is a little on the analytical side of solid state, and that´s why maybe the AVA tubes will fit better, but I have not listened to it.
I listen jazz, soul, pop and a little classical.
Which will be the best choice?
Other options?
If you like a warm sound, you might want to try a BAT VK-200. I ran my 1.3 MKII with both the Odyssey stratos amp and then the BAT. I much preferred the BAT. The Stratos is no slouch, but the BAT is more refined. It will also give you more tuneful and lower bass. These days you can get a good deal on a VK-200.
I agree with Xmore, an excellent choice.