This came from my local Technician:  "  You all are enthusiasts of fine audio reproduction equipment, and of course, appreciators of fine musicianship. I'm curious of your thoughts concerning the reproduction of sound. As audiophiles, is it not the desire to faithfully reproduce and amplify the input signal without distortion of any kind? Why is it then, that some prefer tubes due to their "warm" personality, and others prefer the "sterile" personality of solid state? Indeed, if a fine audiophile grade tube amp and a fine audiophile grade solid state amp are compared side to side, should they not sound exactly the same? If they do not sound the same, I would say one of them, if not both are coloring and/or distorting in some form? I have posed this question to many of my "high end" customers, and have never gotten an answer that satisfies me.....your thoughts?  John

I have thoughts to share down the road.  More Peace, Pinthrift

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Who says high end audio is only about trying to “faithfully reproduce and amplify the input signal”?

i think high end audio is to reproduce a sound that makes you connect with the music to the greatest extent.  There are many roads to there.