Tube or SS

Opinions please: For a variety of reasons I decided to declutter and simplify my life and thus sold my turntable, my LP's, my CD's and most of my all valve system - except for the McIntosh 275 amp.   my current set up comprises a Cambridge NQ streamer through balanced connects to the Mac and Harbeth C7 ES-3 speakers.  Now, Harbeth recommend using SS amps and I am considering replacing the Mac with the Cambridge Edge W power amp as the two items are designed to work together.  My dealer won't allow me a home demonstration to allow me to compare the amps without actually purchasing the Cambridge ( would give me a refund if I don't like it )  Before I take this route I would appreciate any comments regarding the suitability of either streamer/amp combination.
Thanks all
Hello xiang!  You have heard about the new Class D modules NAD is using, yes?  Right now, Starke Sound is selling their rival AD4.320 power amp (4 channels at over 200 Watts each, can be "bridged" to give you a stereo amp with over 400 wpc into 4 ohms, over 600 wpc into 2 ohms) on a Black Friday price of $839. I got mine today and it's as good as the Danish modules NAD is using from Purifi Audio. I have two of their EVAL 1 kits and they are spectacular. So is the Starke amp. Give it a look. It's as good as anything you have heard to date, regardless of price.
not a fan of that mac 275 amp- at all.
i had harbeth c7es3 for years using a rogue audio cronus magnum ii tube integrated amp, the new iii is even better. this is a magical amp speaker match as shared by many who have tried to beat it.
seriously good.
+1  to  Rogue audio cronus magnum ii (used) or new III.

I fitted Telefuken ax7 and amperex au7 in  Magnum ii.

It sounds excellent.

Why not go with tube preamp and SS amp?

Best of both worlds...
In the spirit of my aim to simplify and de-clutter that wouldn't work as the Cambridge Edge NQ has a pre which is why I matched it to the MC275, my thought is to go SS with another amp or stay with the tubes.