Tube Options with Verity Tamino

Seeking advice on amplification. I own verity tamino speakers 89db 8ohm, 6.4 min. I've also owned Super 8's and Forests. The Tamino wins with the mids IMO.

The most engaged I've been with this speaker was with my friends Mastersound 24 watt 300 BPSE amp. The only problem was with the bass. I ended up listening to classical and jazz for a couple months.

If I choose to keep this speaker, and I want to knowing what it can do in this budget range, what would you do with 3k? I've thought about the Avatar SE or Super, or an older ARC tube pre with a SS amp.

I've owned the MA 6500 and 6300 and ARC VSi-55 also AX7e.

VSi-55 was my favorite, AX7e next. Want a little more warmth and body. Would like to go with tubes for sure, either all the way or with tube pre and ss amp. Phono stage would be nice!

Thanks for any help!
I also love the Verity's. I have heard all their offerings
except the Sarastro and the Tamino. I would seriously consider a Vac 30/30. I think with the impedance of the Tamino being min. 6.4, you should be in good shape. I heard
the Vac 30/70 on the Parsifal. It was a great combo IMO.
I guess 3K might be tough on this one, it did retail for around 8-9K I believe. I do think they have sold under 4K
though. Not impossible, and may be worth you stretching a bit if possible. Vac is also a top flight company. OK, I am a happy owner. You dragged it out of me.
Prima Luna sounds pretty good with Varity speakers.
At least that was my impression while auditioning both a while back.
They are not easy to drive speakers, they love power, they sounds very closed at low / medium listening levels... definitely not tube friendly imho.
I never get them to sound right and after trying 10-12 differents amps i sold them.
I'm running a VAC Avatar Super with my Verity Parsifal's, and it sounds very good, IMHO. The VAC also has a built in MM phono stage.

You can do what I do with my Infinity RSIIb speakers (also not an easy load), namely use a tube preamp with high current SS power. In my case that is a Supratek Chenin preamp with a Gilmore Raven amp. The amp is $3.5K, a little bit above your limit, though. Maybe something like a Channel Islands D-200 could get you there for less. You get some tube magic, but still retain the SS slam.
Thanks for all the replies! I appreciate them.

I'm still considering the VAC integrated amps. The super would be nice but I may have to go with the Avatar for budget reasons.

I think the Tamino's do well with upwards of 50 watts. The VSi-55 was all over them with only 50 watts. Wide, open, very deep, good tonality. It did sound a tad dry for my taste. The AX7e seems less powerful but a tad more detailed with great soundstage but kind of thin sounding compared to the ARC. I know it's all apples and oranges but I just happened to have three sets of speakers and four amps available for a few months.

I think for me the quality of the amplifier makes more difference than the power rating. I had the Luxman 590AII for a while and I've never heard a 30 watt amp sound more spacious, clear, and powerful. Like a 200 watt amp. Quality trumps power so far IMO.

I guess more specifically, please describe what 3D dimensionality I would give up with a tube pre and ss amp vs tubes all the way through. This is probably most important to me. I've heard many ss combos and many tube combos but never a mix.

Thanks again.
Not much.