Tube on Top.

I decided to go completly active.
Took a prety insane and expensive aproach but this DIY project is interesting.
Where I'm at now, I would like to experiment with different amplifiers in different bands, sort of use each technology for what it's best at. Like a switching amp on the bottom, for efficiency and speed. A class A ss for those silky smooth vocals and a tube on top to sweeten the cake.
The speaker I'm using for this project is an INFINITY IRS Omega. The EMMIT tweater takes up from 3k or so goes to 40k, pretty flat avg 4ohm.
I think I need about 25 50 wats max, but I guess the more the better.

So I'm interested to hear what your openion is about getting the best top tube sound for around $2k / channel Mono block prefered.

And remember, the load is easy a single tweater. Just want the best possible sound and as much as it can be had with tubes, a natural tone.
I'm doing something similar, but with an array of drivers for each frequency range. I ended up using six stereo amps in mono-block form with all 12 channels being driven. By sharing the load of multiple drivers between two channels of the amp, i was able to keep the impedance up, but it is still quite low compared to most designs.

The thing that you have to take into consideration here is the gain characteristics of each amp. Unless you can achieve similar gain characteristics, the presentation will become VERY lopsided as dynamic intensity changes at various frequencies. You are entering into a whole new world of experiences and learning potential with such a system, so be prepared. I have to assume that you're going to actively cross the system over in order to achieve the full benefits of such an approach??? Sean
Take a look at the Monarchy SM70 or SE100. Excellent dimensionality but a bit weak on bass, which doesn't affect you.

Good luck with your project. Infinity's use a complex Xover. I would be interested in your results.