tube noise please help

I have Supratek Cortese (tube preamp) running a pair of mono block Krell (FPB- 250). The noise from the preamp was terible ( even with the cheater plug for preamp and remove the bypass cap inside the amp ( as Krell recommented for tube)). thanks for any advices.
ass: cd: Mark levinson 37 and 360s
speaker : B&W 802'S Nautilus
conditioner: Richard gray 400s
wire: interconnect: audience 24, spkeaker: van del hul(revelation)
What types of tubes? If what your hearing is a steady hum, does your unit have a tube rectification circuit? I had a hum problem with one of my pre-amps that was simply a 6x4 rectifier tube reaching the end of it's natural lifespan. In short, we would need more information.
1. try unplugging other equipment to see if the noise is from caused by something else.
2. try different tubes.
3. check if the screws on transformer(s) are loose.
4. tighten all cable connections.
5. try tube dampers (Herbies Audio Lab) as last resort.
best of luck!

I do have Supratek Cabernet. I'v noticed recently noice coming from both channel. Power amp Mc-352 and speaker 802N. Did your issue got fixed ? Please let me know if anyone has any idea on this.