Tube newbie - recommendations?

I've finally got my primary system (all SS) at equilibrium and would like to set up a second system for casual listening and explore the world of tubes.

I already have a pair of B&W DM601S3 speakers I would like to build around. Music will be broadway, jazz and some classical, possibly satellite radio in the future. Looking for a fun, lively and colorful sound.

Listening room will be open kitchen / dining area (~20x20, low ceilings). Volume levels will not be high but should be enough to drive the B&Ws comfortably.

Some extra components laying around that I can pick and choose from:

NAD 5000 CD player
Carver CT3 Pre-amp / Tuner
Carver TFM15cb amp

I only need one, maybe two inputs, no phono. Already have some Kimber PBJs and biwire spkr cable laying around. Would you use the CD and Carver Pre and get a tube amp or perhaps a tube integrated or hybrid like a Jolida? How little money (<$500, used ok) can I put in to this system and get a nice intro to tube sound? Any recommendations would be much appreciated...
Rogue 120 monos. do your homework and look them up.
IMO, "casual listening" might not really call for Rogue 120s. Jolida would be a great choice as would an older C-J integrated (CAV-50).
IMO - You might want to give the Onix SP3 a try. After some tube rolling I'm very happy with mine. I'm driving Paradigm studio 100v.3s and it's working well - Very tight and clean for a tube integrated in this price range.
Don't do as I did and start with Jolida. Skip this and go directly to CJ or Rogue gear. If you can find a used CAV50 as I did, do not walk but run and buy it. So much much better than the Jolida. I can't belive how great sounding this amp is with Vandersteen 2Ces.
From experience, I concur fully with Stevecham's advice. I also started with a Jolida, and found it to be junk (this revealed to me when I had to open the unit to perform repairs - the build quality was shameful.) I wound up going with Rogue after wasting time and money with the Jolida, and could not have been happier with my choice. I'd consider adding the Rogue Cronus remote integrated to your shortlist. It's a current model, and reasonably priced. I'm a firm believer that sometimes, you need to spend a little money to save a little money.
Ive had several amplifers cosying Much more then the rogue 120 magnumas or regulars. They are excellent performers and truly worth every penny. they are quick clean powerful controled bass, if you need a bit more of the Lusher midrange type sound roll in dome mullars tubes. these amps sound great at low levels and dont distort AT ALL when asked to jam. They are not perfect either are amps costing 2-3 times as much
There are plenty of hand wired Int. tube amps that are coming out of Agon. For the speaker in question you will require a Push-Pull type of tube amp since its sensivity, I think is betwween 86-88 Db. I think that the push-pull is your best choice.
Thanks everyone for your feedback.. it sounds like the Jolidas might be a bargain but you get what you pay for in build quality. Not looking to spend 1k+ on Rogues but perhaps I can find something used.
I have had great success with the Sound Quest SQ-84 tube integrated amp mated with AAD 2001 monitor speakers. On paper the mating makes no sense at all. The 2001s are only 86 dB speakers that are recommended to use with 50 watt minimum. The SQ-88 is a push-pull using 6v6 tubes and produces 10 watts. As strange as it seems, this combination actually works wonderfully, producing excellent mids and a full bottom end. Perhaps an SQ-84 and DM601S3 mating would work well too.

Another option is to try the new Dnynakit 35 tube stereo block. It produces 17.5 watts per channel, is reasonably priced, and sounded very nice at the VTV show. The build quality is up to you as you'll have to build it yourself.

Naturally, I meant "Dynakit" not "Dnynakit". Sorry about that. :-}

The $1k tube amp territory gives you some nice choices where the build quality and sound quality really starts to vastly improve over the cheaper stuff. So it's worth the stretch budget-wise, if you can swing it.

The problem comes from you trying something like a Jolida - not like it - then completely writing off tube amplifiers. That would not be a fair comclusion. but since this is for a second system for casual listening, your expectations and needs are probably lower. If this was to be your mail system this would not be true. so the jolida will probably work for you.
TRy a Cayin. Jolidas are slow. But get an integrated you will be happing then using the Carver.
I agree Triangle, the 35 watt Cayin integrated is a hell of a piece. But allow me another name in this discussion, Quicksilver. As a B&W owner, and a new Quickie owner, let me add that they straddle the SET and push-pull sound. They have none of the overipe sound I sometimes hear in SET's and the ballsy sound of push pull. The V4's will be my last amp (probably more than you wish to spend but the whole Quickie sound is found in less pricey models).
I agree with Drjjpdc. There is just something about the Quicksilver sound that is different from any other push-pull amp I have ever heard. Quicksilver amps also alllow you to roll many different tubes in them, which many of the big name amps don't allow. Lately there has been a ton of used Quicksilver on agon. So now they migh become scarce for awhile. I myself have owned and or listened to most of the Quicksilver line and have heard most of the big name tube amps as well. But there is just something special about the Quicksilver sound.

Oh, if you venture into tubes you might find that your SS system turns into that kitchen dining area system :) The tubes will blow you away!!!

Thanks KT88. One other thing about Quicksilver, they are also the tube amps with former solid state amps folks in mind (not in sound but ease of use). Just the biasing of tubes alone by pushbutton without bending over or unscrewing any amplifier parts is a huge plus.

If you have been a Quicksilver fan for long then you probally know that most of the amps are self biasing. A tube rollers dream!

I have been a fan but could never afford tube amps due to my listening requirements. But when I recently changed my speakers to a pair that utilizes a woofer cabinet and separate midrange/tweeter (the Sforzando JL1, a private production model, with more than a few still available, from North Carolina), I was able to consider tubes on the satellites and move my high current kickass SS amp to the woofer modules. To say I am ecstatic is an understatement.