Tube Monoblocks w/- balanced inputs?

A friend is looking for a pair of tube Monoblocks with balanced inputs to drive his Magnepan 3.6s. He may biamp at a later stage (adding SS for the bass) but is looking for something with at least 100-200 watts.

Any suggestions that he should consider?
I use Air Tight ATM-3 monos---they have balanced inputs-
I also Bi-amp my subs w.Solid state

the Air Tight can run 65 watts triode-(what I use) or 115 watts Ultra-linear

after 25 years, I have found these amps for life-
I used VTL 450's to drive 20.1's, and I felt that I needed two pairs to biamp to make them sing. I don't know about 3.6's. VTL 750's would be great, if set up with true balanced inputs.
Thanks for your input folks - my sense is that, with Maggies, more power is always preferable.

He's confortable buying used & I think was hoping to get a monoblock pair for between $2.5 - $4.5K used.
Ok, apparently a little higher than quoted above if necessary for a good match ...
Atmasphere monos if your friend is OK with OTLs?
You havent made clear if your friend is simply looking for balanced input connectors or true balanced/differential amplifier circuits.

Balanced circuit:
100wpc Manley Snappers

Balanced Inputs:

Manley Neo-Classic 250(wpc) monoblocks. Just out of range, but someone has a used pair listed here for $4,850.

Antique Sound Labs Hurricane DT Mark 2 (200wpc). There's one listed here for $3,900

Rogue Audio Zeus (225wpc). A bit out of your friend's range, but worth considering used at $4,900. Used M-150 or M-180's will likely be within his price range.
Rogue dealer here***

He should certainly take a look at the Rogue M-150's. They are right at his price point (the M-180' would also be a great choice but a tad over his budget).

Excellent amps!

Goldprint Audio
Manley, BAT, VTL
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 tube monoblocs' circuits are fully balanced from input to output, as are their output transformers. I used them with 3.6's in a 27'x 16' room and they were a nice match. IMO: if possible, put the 3.6' on the long wall. Good hunting!