Tube MM Phono pre for SUT

Any advices on the good MM tube phono preamps o go with step up transfomers like, K&K, S&B or Jensen.

You need to give us more information. What does the rest of your system look like? What are you using now? What is your price range?

For what it's worth, the impedance matching of the SUT to the cartridge is the most important consideration. The other thing to consider is the final output of the cartridge-SUT combo. You want it to be in the 4-5 mV range when it's presented to the phono stage.
Hi Mingles,
I own K&K SUT and looking for a more superior SUT like Jensen 347 or S&B TX103. I currently hook the K&K SUT to the PS Audio GCPH, set at 47K which is MM standard. I prefer the SUT connection's sound to the pure PS Audio MC's sound.

I am using Zu DL 103 and Benz L2 cartridges with no problem with my current set up, but would like to try the SUT with a decent Tube MM phono.

My TT is Nottingham 294.


Why not just get the K&K MM phono? Another option would be something from Hagerman Technologies. You might find the SUT totally unnecessary after trying one of these.

BTW - that K&K SUT competes very well with the Jensen and S&B. However, John Chapman at Bent Audio just came out with a new SUT using Magnequest transformers (he used to use S&B) that would be worth checking into.