Tube match problems

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I’m new here and would like to ask for your help. 

I got VTL power amp with 6l6 tubes. They were perfectly match. Unfortunatelly when I was recently moving, took out tubes and forgot to mark tubes against sockets. Now I’ve connected back whole my set up, most luckily tubes in wrong sockets, it doesn’t play as it was. I don’t have tools to check bias and it really difficult to find any place dealing with tube amps in my city. Any ideas to solve this issue, which makes me crazy :(((
You could buy a small multimeter and re-bias the tubes. Look up the proper voltage for your tubes and amp online.
Thanks for response.

I’ve never done this, but sounds easy.
Hopfully will find right parameters for tubes and amp...

sholud I search for 6l6 Sylvania or with exact serial number of tubes. I mean are parameters same for all Sylvaniya 6l6?
Find your vtl model name and find your bias output and set accordingly...can always call vtl. 
Contact VTL tell them the model no. of your amp. Ask how to check and adjust the output tubes' bias (milliamps). You will only need a multimeter and a screwdriver to do this. Be sure to have a load (speakers) connected when doing this! Otherwise damage to the amp will happen!
All 6L6's will have the same value for biasing. You don't need to check serial numbers.
But check your tubes to see if they are 6L6, 6L6G, or 6L6GB.
Don't get shocked, be careful!
Many thanks to All !!!
Very valuable advices and now I’m sure I’m gonna deal with that! 

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Yea, I’m already aware of that. I don’t have a practice, but red lots of articles how to match tube/amp and relevant safety precautions.

The only thing is, the amp doesn’t have bias points from outside and it looks like I have to access there removing bottom panel. 
Best tool ever......

Worth every penny.  You can plug a DVM in to verify the analog meters accuracy.   Analog meters can be calibrated, mine were dead on from the factory though.  You don't have to use test points or speaker terminals.  Makes it much safer to bias.  
Use a non ferrous pot adjustment tool for an extra measure of safety
You could measure the operating temperature of the tubes. Just install tubes with the closest temperatures in pairs. I know this sounds crazy, but I got matches that sounded better this way from a lot of 24 NOS tubes. Hand held thermometers with digital readout are inexpensive & read instantly.
Thanks again to all! 
Indeed very helpful comments!!!
Just another one - If I buy new, matched quad tubes, do I still need to match them with amp?
You will still need to adjust bias.  What matched quad speaks to is that they are identical in current draw and emmision.  

If if you have individual bias potentiometers for  each tube it’s not necessary but I would still get matched tubes .  
Hmmm. Ok. 
I hoped I would be able to avoid bias matching. :)

problem is VTL yet didn’t respond me regarding bias parameters of the amp. 

my amp is similar to this one and I cannot see test points on it. Does it mean, I have to strip the amp?
I had a VTL Stereo 50 and it has external bias points.  The voltmeter's positive probe goes in the test point and the negative probe goes in the negative speaker binding post of the channel you are biasing.
Thanks for reply, oddiofyl. 
I have already red this article in VTL’s site - good one. 

Could you check the link that I posted above, photo of the amp similar to mine and could you advise the test point. To be honestly, I’m struggling to recognize it. 
Post a clear pic directly from above please
The Stereo 50 I had sounded great,  VTL's response to second hand owners of their legacy products..... not so great.

I’ve just discovered that I cannot attach a photo...
There should be holes, two for each tube.   One is and insulated test point.  If you look inside the other hole , you will see a potentiometer pot... i think it was blue with a white adj. slot.
No, there are  definitely no holes around tubes. 
What is the actual model number/name of your amp? If we have that we can do a quick google search for images of it.
Model is  VTL 45/45 stereo. 
Serial number: 4545007
Ok googled it and there is definitely no way to bias it on the chassis that I can see.
So it will be a struggle....