Well I came across this Amp and wonder if anyone as giving it a listen or seen one .. There are a couple of reviews on and as I ponder with the thought of it I wonder how good is it As for the price the two reviews give it a hefty 6500.00 price ...

TubeMagic Canada has been around for a few years,, so the company is still small and relatively unknown. However, looking at the website, you will see some fairly refined-looking products.

So what am asking is what is the thought it after reading the reviews is it one that would hold it's self on anyone audio rack ..

How many of us would take that chance and give it a try .

As for the Built and looks is it one for the books .

I have to say that the lay out of the amp is sweet and looks well built but then what do i know for me it's what can it produce how will it work in my system or anyone system what would be the benefits .

So here is a link to the review .. anyone input will be greatly appreciated . thanks
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Never heard of it but have to agree that the layout from the top looks fantastic. It would have been nice to see another shot from underneath to show the wiring from the trannies and chokes to the board and the binding posts underneath that plate. But sure looks good.

I was thinking the same thing guess I have to email them to see if they can send me.some pictures or bottom.
It looks quite nicely built. But FWIW I'm really impressed with the reviewers manner in preparing the review (on this and another amp I read while on Dagogo). I'm willing to take him at hs word. Its not just another puff piece.

That said, even if the reviewer had no caveats whatsoever, I think that $6500 is going to keep the crowds away, especially anyone concerned with resale values. This has no track record whatsoever.
Maybe I am the crazy one, but if you go to TubeMagic Canada's website they go on about their financial issues, including running out of money. I can't imagining spending any major cash on their products. That aside, where would you even go to audition one of these amplifiers? Crapshoot at this point.

Have seen some pics of their stuff and it looks very nice. There is a pre + 2 monoblock amps for sale on Canuck Audio Mart right now for cheap and I would go for something used like this instead: