tube linestage suggestions

Hi everyone
I'm looking for a tube linestage for my shanling sp-80 monoblocks
budget is up to $1k
on my list so far :

mapletree octal 6b se or the 2A
wright sound wla-12a
juicymusic merlin
transcendent grouded grid
Audio V. Alstine - tr-5
dared - sl-2000a
Norh ACA 2b

any opinions ? help me choose!!
What about a used Sonif Frontiers? It is a great hybrid and a tube rollers dream.
I would recommend the AES AE-3 w/ oil cap upgrade. Well within your budget and considerably better that the AVA T-5 and the Dared in all aspects. I own/owned these so I base my opinion on direct comparison.
Hi, In a preamp,I like to see ones that are:(1) point to point wired (2)have a external power supply (3)laid out with minimal switches and no tone controls(shorter signal paths and less shit to go to hell)(4)Must be tube(you can tune the sound to your liking by changing tubes,and tube units sound warmer,richer,and more lifelike.)I hope this helps.If not let me know and I can suggest a few of the brands and models I have faith in. The gixerman
Hi, I second the AE-3. A really nice piece. Best of luck.
Rogue 66; quite nice. A few available here on A'Gon. Check out reviews and Discussion threads.
The AE-3 is great. If you can score a Manley Shrimp that's a KILLER.
deHavilland Mercury2.Chapter Audio Preface+.If you can find them used.
If you don't need a lot of inputs and switching, a Berning Micro-ZOTL.
I'd add the Bottlehead line stage to your short list.