Tube Intergrated v separates 4k can they compare

Im interested in tube intergrated amps, my queston is would i be wanting more. comparing to pre power amps or is it closer, because of company matching of their pre amp stage to power. I have high 92db efficiency speakers any suggestions, cary& manley come to mind.But not heard either.
If you want life to continue to be simple get an integrated tube amp, one that you have heard connected to your speakers if at all possible. Fewer decisions to be made down the road re tubes, less angst etc.

Conversly if you like to fiddle, if think you will like to fine tune your system's sound to suit your tastes, seperates offer the most opportunity.

If Cary and Manley come to mind as possible candidates I think you need to do more research into the equipment or evaluation of what type of sound you expect to achieve, tonally speaking. IMHO their 'house' sound is quite different. Cary has a reputation for a bit of lushness, warmth etc w/its possible downside of loss of a bit of resolution and Manley is the opposite.

But, a simple answer to your question - if you are already concerned that an integrated will limit your opportunities then that is unlikely to change even after you get one - even if you like it. I would (as I did) start off with fine tube pre noted for resolution and neutrality and then find an amp with matches your speakers requirements and has the basic tone you are after. Then, when (not IF) you become angst ridden by the possibilities you are missing, you need only find a new amp! :-)
Happy, I am selling my Audion Sterling SE integrated. Will work beautifully with 92db speakers. My ad is on the 'gon so I will not go through the whole nine. It is very detailed. The Sterling was my intro into tubes. This amp has SET sound and may be the end of your journey. Or the beginning, as it has in my case. Moving to tube SET seperates. Amp is coming Friday...I get all tingly thinking about it. YOu don't like it? Back on the 'gon to get your money back.
I too have 92 db efficient speakers and have found that $4,000 spent on an integrated amplifier gave me better performance than a $2,000 amp and $2,000 preamp plus the cost of the interconnect. Of course I haven't tried every amp/preamp combination in that price range but I had tried a few. I owned a McIntosh MA2275 tubed integrated with JM Lab Mini Utopias and loved the sound. The only problem was the Mac only had 75 watts and with some of my music I needed more power. The Mac gave a very full, spacious sound. Bass was very solid but not quite up to solid state tightness. All in all the Mac is a fantastic integrated. Looks cool too.

I currently own an Edge G3 solid state integrated and, for my listening preferences, is the best sound I have had in my system. There is a lot to be said for owning efficient speakers and a high quality integrated not the least of which is the cost savings for sound quality obtained. Power will probably be the limiting factor in either a tubed or solid state integrated when compared to separates but within their power band integrateds can sound fantastic.
Second the Mac 2275, very dynamic with excellent built quality and sound. Does a great job driving Quad ESLs & Avalons. It gives up surprisingly little comparing to my bat 51se/ Pass 350.5 combo considering the price.

One option is to go direct from cdp (or passive pre) to amp and spend $4000 on amp.

Power amp I would suggest are CJ 140, Rogue 150, Mac 275IV, ASL 1009-845.

Goodluck in your journey.
I have gone back from Pre/Power to integrated and have no regrets. You certainly get more bang for your buck. There are so many brands to consider, some of the big names like Conrad Johnson, do'nt currently do Tube integrated. Some suggestions
ARC VS55 I think it is, ugly brute but great power and drive
Manley steelhead
Cary, I agree great value for money
Mcintosh, lovely amps, a bit lush for my tastes
Unison Research S4/S6
Art Audio, I believe currently do an integrated
Graaf GM 50 I believe.
There are really so many choices, you need to listen to them, some have the traditional tube lushness, but you don't have to settle for a warm coloured sound. Many are uncoloured with good base and treble, like the Viva Solista 845 SET I use.
Another consideration is the nature of the Pre in the amp. The cheapest option most follow is a passive pre. That is really a power amp with a source select and volume control added. Nothing wrong with that, but be aware, that is what you are getting. Others, like my Solista, have an active Pre amp circuit in them.
$4K will go a long way on the used market if you want to go that way. My recommendation is separates on the used market. It will go much further than $4K new on integrated. I have had great experience buying used.

For example a Cary tube preamp and Sim Audio W-5 would be around $4K used, and make a kick butt combo, from my experience.

Good luck