Tube intergrated for my 1950s horn loaded speakers

I picked up a pair of EV 3 way speakers from the 1950s for the cost of a happy meal(15" w /horn mids and tweeters).Im looking for a tube intergrated amp to run them that doesnt break the bank..under 1200.00. Any and all are considered including Chinese made gear.This 2nd system will mainly be used for rock u roll with cd/sacd source..thanks
Best to look for one of the Cayin units, used. Great sound, great value.
Have used Sophia Baby Amp, Mac MA230 and Cary Superamp with my Khorns.
Vintage Fisher 400 or 500 receivers, Heathkit 151 integrated or various Scott or Pilot amps can all be had, with upgraded caps and other work, for well under your target budget.
A real sleeper and one of the best vintage amps I have heard is Sherwood S-5000.
Glow Audio?