Tube inter graded amp help

Any suggestions for cheap inter graded tube amp even old stuff Scott ete. Using for second system linn table vandersteen speakers some modded digital players no dac and some good cables laying in closet want to set it up but don't want to spent much money,don't know much about vintage amps recievers but would like to see what happens
Paul, if you want to use vintage gear on a daily basis, you should buy a piece that is already upgraded, unless you have the skill, time and tools to make the piece reliable yourself. The usual suspects are Scott 222/299 series, Stromberg-Carlson ASR-433, Eico HF-81, Fisher X-101 and Dynaco SCA-35, though there are tons of others. If you don't have the skill set, it is more important to get an upgraded amp than to worry about the make and model, for the most part.