Tube integrateds & Tube Preamp from Conrad Johnson


Are there any good tube preamps & tube integrated from Conrad Johnson that are a good fit (system synergy) for Sonus Faber GP and/or Totem Hawks/Forests ? I like lush mid-range with sweet soudning vocals, instruments and jazz.


PS: I know CAV 50 and someone said it is too buttery
The CJ ACT2 is marvelous - perhaps far too neutral from the old CJ house sound for what you want but straddles the line of musicality vs resolution like nothing else I've heard. For my money and in my system simply the champeen - and I've had a large number of preamps here to compare head to head.

Let me give you my budget range and that way you can help me with a better recommendation that is financially feasible for me.

All Tube Integrated - $3500 - NEW / USED

Tube Pre-Amp - $2400 - NEW / USED

In your price range I would suggest a used cj premier 17ls series I tubed pre-amp. I believe there is one being advertised on audiogon as I write this (no relationship). I had a 17 in my system prior to upgrading to a 16 series II and it was very musical and dynamic. It should be a good fit for you sonus faber grand pianos don't anything about the totem's.