Tube integrated with real bass. Does it exist?

Let's assume it will drive two way speakers with 1" tweeter and 8" woofer, 89db 8ohm. Any price level. No hybrids invited.
I personally haven't heard of one.
I'd put my bet on Modwright's KWI 200 at 200 watts/channel. Their amp's bass is tuneful, punchy, and dynamic. Can get one with phono and with dac built in.
A tube integrated with real bass?? I would suggest looking at something that has KT120 or KT150's as output tubes. I will admit EL34's lack the punch in the lows and the sparkly highs but do have mids to die for. I would consider an Octave V80SE followed by the V110. The V80SE has KT150's as standard output tubes where the V110 uses KT120's. BTW Octave had adjusted their US pricing in the spring due to the low Euro. Yes I owned the Octave V70SE then upgraded to the V110. BTW Octave is built like a tank with great output tube protection and easy biasing.
Aronov LS-960I has done this with notable success for me for many years. Compared to today's high prices for The Right Stuff, this item falls into the used bargain category, perhaps the $1200 to $1500 range, as a guess.
When you check online mentions such as there will be comment about the uniquely wonderful bass performance.
Most importantly, there is realistic sound throughout the entire sound spectrum.
So something does exist. That's good. Modwright is mentioned quite often on this forum. They must be doing good things.
Two inputs are just enough - one for phono and one for deck. You can run digital through deck monitor if you have to have it.

The KWI-200 is a neat product, but entirely solid state, so it does not match the OPs criteria.