Tube integrated with MC phono stage?


I am curious if anyone knows of a tube integrated amplifier, which has a quality on-board phono stage capable of handling low output MC cartridges (0.2 mV)? To make an already tall order mission impossible, I would like to limit responses to items which RETAIL for less than $3k.

The amplifier can be either high power push-pull, or low power SET. Low power SET would be preferable, though. The speakers would be 95 dB efficient, with a stable 8 ohm load.

Remote is not a necessity, but would be nice.
I'm affraid that some good step-up transformer will be neccessary(added or included into your budget)in this case. Make sure that your turntable is a good match with the cartridge you have.
Just look for tube integrateds with any phono input and add a step up transformer like the EAR or the Mcintosh unit made years ago.