Tube Integrated with Headphone

I am looking for a good little tube integrated vintage or modern between 12 and 30 watts.

I am looking for one that has a headphone output that is coupled to the tube output. Essentially a great headphone out put so that I can kill two birds with one stone. High and low impedance phones.

Most Scott integrateds have headphone jacks.
I'm fond of the EL84's like the 222c.
The Cary units deserve a close look.
You might look at the Peachtree Audio line. I have the Nova (80WPC), it has an excellent headphone amp with tube, among a lot of other things.
I second the Cary Units ....
Dared i30.
Cary 300 SEI.
Check head fi org, lots of info there, but like everything, all depends on your budget. Cary 300SEI is good, I own one, but its not little, small or cheap either.
You cant go wrong with the Cary units.
The Leben CS-300X is an excellent integrated at MSRP $3,295 and is 15 watts/channel with a top drawer headphone outlet. It even looks like a vintage piece and is beautiful to behold. With the proper speaker it makes beautiful music.
I'll add another mention of Cary. Got the Cary SLI-80 Sig F1 and the headphone unit is fantastic.