Tube Integrated with deep bass

As the subject states I'll like to know of any good tube integrated with deep, tight bass. To some this could sound like on oxymoron but the truth is some Vintage equipment do have deep bass. I'm looking for new equipment, no vintage.

Audio Note Soro SE has amazing bass

I am selling mine but it makes no difference on my opinion - awesome bass for tubes or solid state
I was impressed with my McIntosh MA2275 integrated once I installed Siemens ECC801S's in the 12AT7 slots. The Siemens, IMO, are noted for their tight, heavy bass.
FWIW, I checked out that Graaf integrated Glide3 mentioned and I wouldn't even consider for a moment buying from a seller with that history.
I have a Cayin A-50T and it has some pretty decent base.
I like Jolida, but also have to put in a plug here for room tuning and speaker placement. You can do a lot with the speaker placement to fine tune bass, irrespective of the amp. This assumes you can change the room around. Good luck!