Tube Integrated vs Tube Seperates

I’m looking into buying a tube setup.  Thinking it will be Primaluna because I find tube amps a bit intimidating and I will be putting lots of hours on it. Because these factors Primaluna seems like at least a good place to start for me. Thanks to all who gave me there impressions in my previous post about Primaluna.  Anyway, looking for people’s take on tube integrated vs tube seperates. Really what I’m looking for in the move is more holographic soundstage, bloom, air, and an over all more lifelike presentation. Will I get more of these qualities by going Dialogue preamp into Dialogue amp, or with the Dialogue HP integrated, or will it be very similar?  Any thoughts are much appreciated 




Would anyone like to translate this into English?

Yeah… this:


I used Tubes for 50 years . There are no really good ones made or used ,

2 small d’s are it ,


Run 2x class-D monoblocks.

I have PL amp, and a different tube pre. So I kinda agree that a Tube Pre and come class-D Purifi or similar could be a sensible approach.

(Or sensible to me)


“D”s should never be small… and double-Ds should be move the cones around.

@brylandgoodman you had commented that "Line Magnetic I find fascinating but I worry they aren’t a great amp to run for as many hours as I’d be using them. I could be wrong though."

I've had some interest in Line Magnetic for a while, but never had the impression that there would be an issue with how many hours you could put on them. Was your impression in reference to how long the tubes would last or the actual amp failing after extended usage? 

I was in your situation (same budget) and went with the PL EVO 300 and for the money, I personally think it’s a great value. Upgraded to KT-88s and NOS preamp tubes and it never looked back. 
Will I go to separates one day? Probably, but that leaves me something to look forward to. For now, a good integrated is better than average separates. 

For those who bash the made in China and potential service issues, I’m not sure where the logic is to that argument. These are well designed and well assembled and not sure why a non-Chinese worker would do such a superior job! And I have found Upscale Audio to be excellent with their service. 

The 'idea' of separates makes sense, except when it comes to well made integrated from high quality makers which surround us these many years.

IMO you can give up a lot: convenience of unified features, reduced cost, size/weight/heat/placement issues for an 'idea' that will yield no actual perceptible difference if it is a high quality maker.

Power supplies: everything comes from separate circuit first to my Furman's capacitors, then to unit's capacitors. Everything goes thru the tiny wire in the tiny fuse, so thin hard to see. Meters typically show .01 w all the way up to a few watts most of the time, an occasional needed spurt from ...

I just bought a nice (get ready for the formerly dreaded word) Receiver, a Yamaha CR-1040, what a beauty, beautifully made, not tubes but sounds terrific, what convenience for that system! 

Did you ask Prima what difference they think you will actually perceive?


btw, I LOVE my Cayin Tube Integrated, and if Prima quality is as good as Cayin, that's hard to do, they are wonderfully made and sounding (your tube type preference gets involved of course).