tube integrated's

Jolida 1000a or rogue tempest magnum? I love the tube sound but would like some power also, I can get the rogue used for around the same price as the Jolida. Or, any other suggestions? Thanks.
McIntosh 2102.
Aronov Audio LS-960I has a sense of power, due to its superior bass control, and extension. This accompanies a natural, lifelike reproduction throughout the full frequency range. A few have appeared on Audiogon for the surprisingly low price of $1250, although paying a little more would still seem appropriate, considering the overall quality.
The Jolida and Rogues offer VERY different sound. The Rogue is more neutral and big sounding. It's tube complement is 4 6550/KT88. The Jolida is more rich and warm, and uses 8 EL34.

I can't say which is more powerful, but the Jolida answers the requests of most who wish they made a more powerful amplifier, and probably gets the nod. It's different kind of power, though. The Rogue will give you the bass control and slam. The Jolida will provide you with luxurious tube sound. Either should have no trouble driving a big portion of the loudspeakers out there.
VTL IT85. big tube sound, also relatively powerful. also uses EL34 tubes, i loved mine when i had it.