Tube integrated question

to this point, i have learned through trial and literature that Triangle celius(es) are well suited to tubes, and being that they are very sensitive, can be driven nicely by a moderately powered amp. The question i have is, how moderately powered? I ask this because my budget is low (under 1k for a used Integrated) and being that i never really play music at wall quaking levels, i thought that i would look into really nice looking tube integrateds in the 10-20 watt range for similar money to 40-60 watt integrateds of lesser quality. any suggestions? Is 10-20 watts too moderately powered to drive the speakers well?
Unison Research SR1 is a-bit above $1k but you can get demo for bellow.
The hybrid Unison Unico sounds like tubes with mosfet output stage and able to drive heavier speakers also will fit bellow $1k if bought demo.
Pathos hybrid amp is very similar to Unico with less inputs(only three) and no tape loop also has a sweet tube-like sound.
I don't think that you can find these amps used as none still wants to sell them.
They're the perfect match to triangle speakers!
I would suggest you to try to "streeetch" your budget, and get it right the first time. On Audiogon Jadis Orchestra Reference $1600 or Jadis Orchestra $1350. Either one will outperform and by large margin, any integrated in your price range. Besides, it would be perfect match with Triangle speakers.
If you're not queazy about kits look into the Consonance Ella available from DIY Cable. 40w push-pull that has a great reputation and very high quality parts. About $600-$800. Good luck!
Anthem INT 1 about 600 bucks used. It's a nice unit.
simple recipie:
go to ebay search on pathos among consumer electronics
buy now for 1,149 with new set of driving ecc86 NOS Telefunken tubes.
this seller accepts paypal so the transaction is most-likely secure
guaranteed to smoke Anthem.
Try some of the Jolida products. You get a lot for your money. I have the JD1501 tube/solid state integrated amp with 100 watts. I love it but you must know there are some limitations such as no phonostage and no tape loop and only one set of speaker outputs. Good side: tons of power, I run four 8 ohm speakers and the volume knob only goes 1/4 turn before the volume is too high. I got it at Response Audio on line for $575, including tube upgrades.