Tube Integrated on Shelf w/Center Ch. Speaker

Quick Google search turned nothing up so thought I’d check here —Are there any problems situating a tube integrated amp right next to a center channel HT speaker atop a low profile audio cabinet?  Two separate systems occupy this cabinet.  The tube integrated doesn’t run the center channel speaker but I’m concerned about vibrations possibly harming tubes (turning them microphonic???) when the HT system is being run...

Thanks in advance.
It's best to isolate tube gear from vibrations as much as possible but this can be difficult or expensive to do. One thing you might try is to download an SPL meter for your phone or tablet and then place some test tones or even just music with a consistent volume. Move the phone around the areas your tube gear might be placed and see what readings you get. At the very least, if you can keep it out of an area with peak SPL, that would help. My two cents.
You are probably OK with that set-up. I would not worry about it. You can always change it later if you want, or not. 
You do want to isolate tube it can be as simple as sorbothane pucks but you don't use them at the same time it won't be from the center channel