Tube Integrated in Home Theater?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience using a tube integrated amplifier in a combo 2ch/HT setup? I've been using a SS integrated (Plinius 8200) for a long time and while I love the sound I'm really craving tubes (probably go with VAC Avatar). My concern is whether the tubes will be able to handle constant switching on/off and looooong periods of use (8+ hours at a time)? I use this setup for everything including 2ch music, movies, parties, gaming, etc. I'm also concerned that tubes won't give me the "punch" required for movies. I listen to mostly classical, jazz and blues (SACD & RBCD) but also plenty of rock. Thanks!

My system: Von Schweikert VR4JR/LCR15/TS150/VRS1, Plinius 8200, Marantz SR8500, Sony S9000ES(2CH)/Marantz DV9500(MCH)
I had two sets of speaker wire when I had a combo such as yours. One set out of my tube intergrated and the other out of my A/V receiver. I just switched them out at the speaker taps when I wanted to use my tube amp. So the systems never mix and you run the tube amp just when you want to.
My 2-ch equipment are connected to HT also. When I am using the HT, I set the front speakers at "small". The subwoofers will do the "punch".

Don't turn on and off frequently your tube equipment though.
Take a look at my system as I have done almost exactly what you are attempting right on down to the VAC Avatar Super which I originally used with VSA-4JR. You should not encounter any problems with the set-up you are anticipating. I have/had plenty of punch with movies, 80W can do some heavy lifting and I think you will be pleased with the results. Please feel free to e-mail me with more specific questions.
I have a 2 channel HT with a tube integrated a Consonance Ref output is over two years old now and costs $14 to replace...the sound is not harsh but smooth and refined......speakers are VonSchweikert VR1's with the VS1 sub....Oppo DVD player. I would not get an integrated with a forest of tubes but something pretty simple with easily and cheaply replaced tubes...there are many Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound in Bristol PA he was a big VS dealer and is a tube guy...he'll tell you what will work
Output tubes should last 1000-2000 hours as long as you don't turn them on/off too often.
Gain/driver tubes last 5000-10,000 hours. You do the math with your listening habits.
Thanks for all of the responses. I suppose I'm still concerned that I'll be turning the amp on/off too often. Some days it will never be turned on but others it might be turned on/off 10 times. I currently leave my equipment on all of the time but I'm assuming you don't do this with tubes. Maybe a hybrid integrated would be better? Or I might just go for it and replace tubes as needed.

Shiva, 2 sets of speaker cable wouldn't work for me as I've biwired with would take too much effort to switch out cable each time.
Totally get where you're at as i had the same dilemma. In the end I came to the conclusion that I really wasn't willing to constantly change tubes or cables etc. and the most important need for the tube sound was for my jazz vinyl listening. I went with a solid state system for ht and a tube phonostage so the tubes are only on when listening to vinyl( if you listen primarily to cd this won't get you there).
If you get amplification w/ EL34 tubes you will get that tube magic and they a inexpensive to replace.
Don't turn tubes on/off 10 times a day. The heating up and cooling off will shorten the tube life more than just leaving them on. If you know that you will be listening again in the next 4 hours or so, just leave them on. Good ventillation will help.
Thanks for your reply Elevick. That is good to know.