Tube integrated for ProAc 2S

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased a used pair of proac 2Ss. These are my fourth pair of proacs along with a number of other speakers in the search for audio nervana. I think these might just be the ones for me. I am interested in hearing what suggestions people have for a tube integrated amp. I am leaning toward a VAC Avatar, but have been warned about reliability problems with these. I listen to all kinds of music, Jazz, a little Clasical, Rock, Fusion, etc. I do tend to lean toward a more romantic sound but it must be able to drive more powerfull and complex music as well. I want it all as you all know. The Avatar sounds like the best choice at this point with the ability to switch from triode to pentode, but who knows, not me, I have to buy and try as there are no real dealers near by. Any suggestions are welcome! I am interested in the sub $3000.00 price range used and whould prefer the $2000.00 range used!

Thanks for reading!
Lectron JH-30. There's one for sale on Audiogon for $1300. It's a magic combination with ProAc's.
Try a c-j CAV-50 approx. $1400 used.

Good Luck!
Be careful with the C-J as it's a bit fuzzy sounding and doesn't have very good transparency or dynamics - kinda the traditional C-J sound, in my opinion. I understand (and heard at a show once) that ARC's integrated from 6-7 yrs ago works very well with ProAcs. I almost bought the 2S in 1997 but ended up going for the 2.5s and found the 2S to be musical and engaging. However, I'd be looking for something a bit more neutral but still use tubes as they really do make the best music. Ever notice how no one ever says, "This new tube amp almost sounds like solid state! If you like the look of tubes but also like the slightly artificial sound of transistors, this may be the amp for you."
Tomryan is right. For many years, ARC and ProAC were showcased together at various audio shows. More than a few people have praised the synergy between these two. I heard this combo at CES 2003, and while it didn't float my aircraft carrier, I think a lot of the blame can be placed on poor show conidtions.

I'm currently enjoying a Bel Canto SET40 powering my ProAc 2.5s, so you might consider Bel Canto's SETi40 integrated. It's a discontinued model which orignally retailed for more than $5k but you may be able to get one for around $2500 or less.

Other tube integrateds I'd consider are the Primaluna Prologues ONe and Two or the VAC Avatar Super.

Have fun!
Thanks for the responces! I have red a little about the original ARC integrated and it seems the reviewers feel it is good but with complex music it falls short. I don't know much about the newer one. I will check into it more. What about ARC seperates on the used market, any suggestions in that same price range for a pre and power?