Tube integrated for Gibbon 3s e.g., Primaluna Pro

I'm looking to purchase an affordable integrated tube amp to mate with a pair of Devore Gibbon 3s for an office system (Quad CDP-2 for CD input and digital input from a Mac mini; Speltz anti cables; modest room size, approx 14' x 15', with typically low listening levels; mostly listen to jazz, acoustic, and some rock/alt). By affordable, I'm thinking of a 1.5K range, new or used. Any input from Gibbon 3 owners or happy integrated tube owners would be greatly appreciated.

My current list of contenders includes the Primaluna Prologue I or II, the Cayin A-50T, or the VTL IT-85 (assuming I can find a used one). I've heard the Gibbon 3s paired with IT-85, and the results were wonderful: engaging and refined, with a beautiful sound stage. The IT-85 was compared to a Pathos Classic MIII, and although the latter was nice, I much preferred the warmth of the IT-85. Of course, no one vendor carries the Primaluna, Cayin, and VTL, much less the Gibbon 3s, so it is not possible to directly compare all three. I've heard the Gibbon super 8's with the Primaluna Prologue I, and the results were outstanding, but those results are unlikely to directly transfer to Gibbon 3s. At some point, I should be able to cart my speakers over to the vendors to audition the different parings, but any input on the combinations or other integrated amps I've overlooked would be greatly appreciated.
Haven't heard the Gibbons - might consider Soundquest SQ88 - 52wpc KT 88 check Quest for Sound if interested (not affiliated)
Thanks for the suggestion Facten. Reviews looks good.
It is the first tube amp I've had, took a chance since I couldn't audition it,but have found it very pleasing to listen to, good across the range, and it's self biasing.
Using it with Tyler Linbrook System2s and Audio Analogue Paganini cd player - meshes well with them Stephen at Q for S is an easy guy to talk to and spends the time you need. Good luck with whatever your choice.