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3k is the limit (used or new) Thinking of Cary CAD-300SEI, EAR-V20, or even Jadis Orchestra? Thanks!
try a jolida integreted they are far less expensive than the above and are avail with much more power take the extra money saved buy good interconnects and speaker cable and spend the rest on music
Having recently read the review on the Cary,I can't imagine you'd be thinking about 'it'. 11 watts?rolled of treble (or an intergrated at all)If you must :Jadis Reference Orchestra.(not the same as Orchestra) You have one of the better speakers on the planet;feed them well,you will be rewarded. 3 grand can hardly do them justice,unless you have a 10x10 room and listen at very low settings.
Forget Jolida, your speakers are way out of that league(backing up Avguygeorge completely). You seem steadfast on the 3K limit. I own the Jadis Orchestra Reference, so of course that serves as the ultimate recommendation. I also concur with Avguygeorge in dismissing the Orchestra. But, with the speakers you have, I would also not hesitate recommending the Cary amp. Your speakers present a very easy load for an amplifier(namely an SET) to drive. Their impedence does not drop below 6 Ohms, and is above 10 Ohms for much of the audio band. And the 6 Ohm minimum is in the treble region(at 5K and again at 15KHz), making this even much better than having the minimum in the bass region. If your musical taste includes a good bit of rock, pop, or blues, then the Jadis is better. But, I definitely feel you need to audition both. A good audition has no substitute.
Unison Research S6 is worth looking into, i have one and its a great amp! The Audio OTO SE is a 10 watter SE amp, might be worth looking into if you have a small room.