Tube integrated for B&W 805N????

This is for a bedroom system. The room is 14 by 28. Is there a tube integrated strong enough to drive B&W monitors? My wish list would include a remote, and no need to bias tubes. Price range up to 2K new or used. Thanks.
Well, I did it for years (until I found a monitor that I liked better) with a Rogue Audio Tempest. Remote Volume. Auto-bias. Line Level ins and outs so it is very flexible (maybe add a model 88 amp later, which is identical to the amp stage in the Tempest for some bi-amping fun, or add a better preamp if/when the mood strikes). Switchable UL/Triode. Rare on the used market. My guess is around $1400. The Tempest Magnum is an upgraded Tempest, should be slightly more. The Tempest II is a different animal, with different "preamp" tubes, although I believe the preamp is passive in both the Original Tempest and the Tempest II. The NEW Tempest is NOT AUTO BIASING. So you may want to look for the Old Tempest or Magnum Version.

The Company has really taken care of me. Easy to contact, quick to reply, you typically get the owner on the phone when you call, but they aren't some 1-guy company that has a 7 week backlog of calls, emails, etc to go through.

Best experience (in my limited experience) with an audio manufacturer.

It has stood with me for 5 years, which, for me, is a long time for a piece of audio gear. In my system, it compared favorably to the highly touted Cary SLI-80 Sig. Unison Research Sr-8 Hybrid, Audio Refinement COmplete... There is a LOOONG thread form LOOOng ago here somewhere where I really wanted to love the Cary, but in the end, the Rogue won out.

Anyway, if you listen at reasonable levels, the triode setting (I can't remember if the 4 or 8 ohm taps sounded better, but one did sound MUCH better) using KT-88/KT-90/6550 tubes will have enough juice for the 805s. Otherwise, the UL setting loses a little refinement, but adds power and control, and should certainly be enough to headbang to.

I can't recommend the company or the amp enough. Probably will never sell it.
Not sure if there are lot's of chices of both remote AND auto bias (more difficult of two to find).Maybe get 1996 or in a few moths '97 buyers guide maybe though not on news stand now or keep doing string searches for equipment and auobiasing when you have found price,tube compliment you like (I prefer EL34 because of mids and cost though more expensive KT88 gives more dynamic slam and beter bass.^550 has it's adherents is cheap but a ho-hum sonic performer.Once you have a list of products that fit other criteria then check web sites but you will find auto biasing.I love my El34 40 wat EAR and the fact it is auto biasing but have heard that auto biasing circuts can ron you of power and /ir be nosier than ones that need the platic screw driver once a month.Have you had a tube amp before and had to bias?Some easier than others.A Conrad Johnson was EASY just requiring just matching up LED's and took te mineuts.Ones requiring meter would bemore a hassle.I might be willing to do it but you may look at some models that require it and just leiminate ones that require meter use?My own prefgernce would be to deice if remote is necessary than got to price tube compliment and hunt lastly for auto bias but that's me.Hope somebody can hit it on head for you but I don't know off hand which has both.