Tube integrated amps -- new Value Leaders?

Has anyone compared either the Raven Nighthawk or the most affordable version of Primaluna, Quicksilver, or Rogue Audio integrated amps against the new value leaders from China -- Wilsenton, Cayin, Doge, Muzishare, BoyuuRange, etc.?

Especially Wilsenton and Cayin have been the rage lately thanks primarily to YouTubers like Jay (that young guy, not the slightly out of shape body builder), Thomas & Stereo, Steve Guttenberg and a few more. If you listen to these guys, you start wondering why you should pay twice as much for the Ravens and Primalunas of the world. I wonder how much of it is typical Youtube sensationalism/shilling vs. objective comparisons without ulterior motives. I have never heard any of these brands, nor do I have any affiliation with them. Just curious.

Secondly, there is another brand called Rogers that seems to fly under the radar. It’s also made in the USA, build quality looks fine, and is competitively priced with Raven, Quicksilver, etc. I would love to try one of their amps some day. But they don’t seem to get much love on these forums. I wonder why.

I would like to hear from someone who has compared the new value leaders with the established ones in the tube integrated amp segment.

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I agree with Line Magnetic. I sold my McIntosh amp and bought the 805iA. After power cable swap and tube rolling it is absolutely stunning. I think people just need to give it a listen. 

One I have been curious about is on Ebay literally 20 Line Magnetic 211ia amps for sale from different sellers in China - all new.  All in the $1100 - $1300 range for this fine little EL34 based integrated.  Seems like great amp for 2nd system or efficient speakers (like my Zu's) but just not sure a) how reliable the sellers are and b) what you would do if you had problems so hesitancy about making the plunge.

IMHO  Kevin's PL line of amps may have veey stiff competition with these new-er china hifi manufacturers comming into the spot light.

Now that I have heard a  DHT PP, I have no interest whatsoever in the KT series.  But you will need a  higher sens speaker to get bass.

The big DHT power tubes, 211, 805, 845 has bass  to driver mid sens speakers. 

But ideallly higher sens speakers are  the best match with all DHT amplifiers .

Looks like the Muzishare R100 has  a review here on audiogon.

Not sure why he mentions *lacks bass*.

I have pretty good bass from the Yaqin 7 watt amp.

at 65 SPL, near field, small room.



ne I have been curious about is on Ebay literally 20 Line Magnetic 211ia amps for sale from different sellers in China ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Reason for sooooo many sellers in the KT series amps, is due to lower demand/interest.

Folks are now starting to look toward the SET/DHT designs. The mids have more nuance with DHT type tubes vs KT series. I said **nuance** I did not say major noticable difference.

I bet once I get the Defy tubed w KT90’s, we could do a **guess what amp is behind the curtain** with a 845, 211, 805 , on some recordings, it might be nothing more than a lucky guess. But all in all, to do it all over again, I’d pass on a KT series amp and go straight for a DHT either the 300B (which my tech says avoid at all costs, yet look at how many designs out there WITH 300B tubes!!!!) , 2A3 (has alot of votes) , 45 tube(even more votes vs 2A3), or the bigger brothers, 211, 805, 845 and others. There will be a further price drop on the KT series this summer, you watch. DHT’s are the real deal and catching on like wild fire. 20 yrs ago, you could not find even a used SET under say $3k.