Tube integrated amp recommendations

Now that I have my second system up and running, I'm thinking of getting an all tube integrated for the system. I've been solid state for most (if not all) my audiophile life. I had a tube-preamp with a class D a few years ago but didn't care for it and I sold it off and continued on with my SS reference system. So now I want to try an all tube integrated with my Tekton Lore Reference speakers (96db efficient) and I'm trying to do some research. I know there're a ton of tube folks on here, so you're recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I would like a headphone jack but not a deal breaker. Will be used for streaming/CD. This is what I'm considering so far (budget $3-5k):

1. Audio Research I50 (new release)

2. Luxman Neoclassico SQ-N150 

3. Raven Blackhawk MKiii

4. Conrad Johnson CAV45

Thanks so much!



Wholeheartedly recommend the Hungarian Qualiton. I have the X200, and it's really good.

Agree with tomic601 about doing your research 

I own an Octave and it is stellar 

The Quicksilver Integrated tube amplifier keeps me happy. Its rated 20 watts are plenty for Focal Aria 906s which are rated at 89.5 dB. Currently $2500. Designer-builder Mike Sanders chose eight 6BQ5 and two 12DW7. I think one reason for so many tubes is that each tube does not bear much stress.


@charles7 Quicksilver sure gets overlooked a lot.

@chipcalzone Love my x200 also. Such a versatile piece of tube amplification.