Tube Integrated Amp - Help Please

Recently sold my hybrid Rogue Integrated and am now looking for a used tube integrated. I'm using Verity Audio Tamino X2 speakers - 89db (and told by Verity that these speakers are easy to drive and do well with Tube amplification). I listen to different genres but I love the soulful sound of a female jazz singer and classical music featuring the cello (looking for a warm midrange I suppose). I have a small room 15x14 (ugh) and listen at fairly moderate levels. Other gear includes a Hegel HD25dac and a Clearaudio Concept TT (Dynavector 10x5 cartridge). I'll probably buy a separate phono stage so the new Integrated amp does not have to include phono. 

My ear gravitates toward a lush warm sound, nice extended highs and tight bass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My budget is $4000 and under. Thanks

Considering Rogers EHF-100 MK2 (no local dealers) or Line Magnetic (dealer is about an hour away). If keeping things a little cheaper on the budget, I thought the Sound Antique  AQ1001 Mark II DT or the Rogue Cronus Magnum may fit the bill. 
Need it be an integrated?  For 4K you could look at used Manley Jumbo Shrimp with Manley Mahi Mahi which would absolutely rock the Rogue (no offense) as the price levels are quite different.  You talk about lush tube sound, extended highs and tight bass.  That is where EL 84s live, not as lush as EL 34s but quicker with very controlled and extended bass.  Find a dealer if possible and check it out.

I assure you this is a tough combo to beat at 4K.
Celtic66. - nope, not dead set on integrated. Just trying to keep it simple. I'll see if there's a Manley dealer in my area. Thanks

Anybody have any thoughts on the Rogers?

If there should be a used Aronov LS-960i for sale while you are still looking, at its usual modest price range  ($1200-$1500) it fulfills your needs with a natural, realistic, impressively musical presentation.
The vocal and cello reproduction you mentioned can be glorious with the best recordings.
Really good all-around performer which has stood the test of time.
I doubt that in a blind test you could really notice a big diference. They all impart a different character but end of the day it is subjective. I dont mean to rain on the parade, maybe i do?, but all of this becomes pointless until you set it up and hear in your room. .  Any well made tube amp would likely scratch that itch. i would buy the one that looks the coolest and is the last one you audition.
Veroman- have you heard any of the listed options or recommendations from others? Are you saying that most would not hear a difference? Not disagreeing just trying to understand the post. Thanks