Tube integrated amp for my son's first system.

Hi I am looking for some advice for a integrated tube amp for my 10 year old's first system. I started to build a system for him out of extra pieces I have from past systems,I put in the CDP, cables and new stereo stand but when I went to put in the integrated amp I had in storage I found out that it had some service problems. I have seen an ad today in the paper for a nice mini stereo for less than couple of hundred bucks and showed it to the wife and she shot me down saying that he was looking forward to the system I was building for him? To make a long story short I have always had a tube system as my father built me one from his old Mcintosh system so I have decided to do the same for my son. I myself have always loved tubes, and want to pass that same love onto my son. What would one look at in the 200.00 range for a integrated amp?? I want an integrated amp because it is not feasible (money wise) to get an amp and preamp. I know it is not a lot of money but I have to be reasonable too. Thanks for any ideas in advance.
You could get ASL Wave 8s and a volume control. Don't need a pre if you are using only a cdp

Some vintage stuff is a possibility too but its usuallt takes some TLC. $200 limits the field.

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Look into Norh - they have an integrated that shows up used sometimes for $300 or so, $400 new. Also, Jolida 102b is a good option, but a stretch monetarily - it's $575 or so new, mid to high $400s used. It's the cheapest integrated from one of the lowest cost tube brands, so that's at least a point of reference (and it does have a balance control, which most below $600 won't.) $200 used for a tube integrated is, I'm afraid, quite unlikey.

ps - I have 2 pairs of the ASL Wave 8s, and they are fabulous for the money. I use them for HT in my bedroom.
You may find that a pair of these and a $100-$150 preamp is a more likely score.

I have read about a few single source kit tube amps (-w- volume pots) over @ AA in the Tube Forum (around $135), and they may also come assembled.

Might be cool to build one of these with your son (think you would have to make a wood base, as well, which is just an open box).

One of the kits is/was available @ Parts Express/Parts Connection, something like that. Soundwise, they are said to be pretty good (probably 6-8 watts per channel).

For a killer vintage amp a Pilot 240 (generally less expensive than the 245 which has heavier iron) would be a last stop for quite some time.

I have been using mine (240) off and on for a few years now and only had to bring it up on a variac (all of the caps reformed well), but to be safe I would recap it as decent replacement caps are inexpensive if you restuff VS replace the can cap.

I think that one of the simple kits would be more fun (for both of you) though.
I like the idea of the Wave 8's. I think they're stopping production so now would be the time to buy. On Audiogon there's a hybrid Jolida 301 for $200 from and a Dec Zen for $350. If you want something that will last and to do a diy project for him, look at the Ella at for $559 + tubes.
The Jolida 301 30w hybrid int. amp would be an excellent choice. $200 used sounds like quite a deal. (I wouldn't sell
mine that low.) Really good sounding amp.
I have used a Luxman LV-1030u and a 105u A mid to late 80's Hybrid. Have had it up againt the Wave's. The wave's dont even remotly come close. They have no headroom at all and if your spearkers are less than 92Db they are sadly underpowered. Unless you want to use some large corner horns 100db + . Look for one of these on ebay , they are in the 200 range and a true killer sounding amp. One of those rare tresure's to be found.
Wow, I don't think a vintage fisher or scott would cut it for a 10 year old. They may sound great but are delicate and don't play loud. Kids will be kids and do something stupid and blow the amp.

How about a neat solid state amp and tube pre to get him started. Dynaco 120 and a pas 3? This would be much more abusable, play louder and still look vintage. You could even get him a matching tuner?
Getting an amp is not an issue. There are plenty of good integrated tube amps for under $200. However, finding a good high efficiency speaker for bargain price is not easy. Unless you're willing to build him a Fostex speaker or pick up a pair of old Sansui XPs from some where.
Heathkit SA-2, Pilot 240, Dyanco SC-35, Lafayette LA-224.. fisher... scott... You get the point.
I was lucky to have a transistor radio when I was 10!
I know CPD, what the world has come to? If you want to rise the interest in music to your kids, do not let them watch TV and have them learn the instrument.