tube/integrated 2ch beginner

Looking to incorporate some better 2 channel into my system. Was thinking of a Jolida 1501 RC and Jolida jd100 or musical fidelity A3. My current system is primarily ht set up w a yamaha rxv1500 pre/pro and adcom 7607. Great ht sounds but not music friendly. Trying to keep budget around $1000. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The Jolida integrateds are most wonderful sounding components, particularly once you replace the stock tubes. My advice though is to go for an all tube unit, not a hybrid. Look towards the 302B, 801, or 1000 - but, avoid the 502 as it's not very good sounding.

I'm sure others will recommend the Prima Luna amplifiers, as they have been gaining traction of late. So far, I have yet to hear them, but like what I see.
you won't beat the jolida 1501
Audio research with remote and the CJ CA 50 are very nice , reliable and cheap for how good they sound the CJ is a litle sweeter. tery are around 1300 !
Keep the Adcom and replace the Yamaha with something like Rotel, Adcom, Anthem, B&K....You might be amazed and still have only 1 system taking up space.
It would help to know what you are going to match this up with? Speakers, CDP, etc.

As far as a cdp was thinking jolida, have heard good things re sound quality for the price..As far as speakers I currently have def tech 7004's. I know, I know, I know, they aren't great speakers for 2 ch. But they rock for ht and that is 80% of what i do currently(mostly concert dvds)..So for now that they will have to serve both purposes.
Ditto Trelja on this. The 302b is VERY hard to beat FOR THE MONEY. A great entry level all tube integrated amplifier.
You can't go wrong with the PrimaLuna Prologue 1. Autobiasing makes this a turn it on and play music amp.